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Founded in 2002, Quality Health Care Group is a Philadelphia-based health care provider specializing in delivering care in a home environment. In some cases, we provide services in a patient's home, and in others, we even create the home our clients need. Our team spans a wide range of disciplines including nurses, social workers, behavioral specialists, therapists, and aides.

Quality Health Care Group Inc. Established


Now in business over 19 years, our growing services have developed with experience and customer satisfaction.

Expansion of Programs to Address Behavioral Health


After much experience in the industry, we began providing services designed to maximize each client's independence, health, safety, self-efficacy, quality of life, and contribution to the community.

Awards and Certifications


Over the years, Quality Health Care Group Inc. has accumulated necessary certifications and credibility in the health care industry and still strive to provide excellent service.

Launch of new branch


After careful vetting and deliberation, we were able to expand our beloved services beyond Pennsylvania and into New Jersey.

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